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Refrigerators are a key element in the kitchen.

Our team of professional refrigerator repair specialists is accustomed to lending a hand when our customers experience refrigerator repair issues. We are able to perform work on all brands and models of refrigerators no matter how old or young your appliance might be.

We work quickly to restore your refrigerator to working condition because we know just how essential this major appliance is to your household. Contact us today if you are looking for outstanding refrigerator repair in Newport Beach CA.

If you are now in the situation where your refrigerator has stopped functioning as is used to, we know just how irritating that can be. Thus, we work quickly and effectively in diagnosing refrigerator repair issues.

We also replace refrigerator parts and offer all other types of refrigerator repair service. Protect your perishable food items by having maintenance performed on your refrigerator regularly.

This will also help protect the investment you made in purchasing your appliance. It is our mission to provide speedy refrigerator repair service on every in-home call.

We have a history of providing high-quality refrigerator repair and refrigerator parts in Newport Beach CA. Life can be frustrating enough without the burden of not having perishable goods at your disposal.

So when you're in need of best refrigerator repair, you now know where to turn. We're confident that you'll be happy you entrusted us to handle your refrigerator repair service with care.

Helpful tip

Finding yourself on the fence as to whether your faulty appliance should be replaced or repaired? When it comes to refrigerators, most of the time it is more cost-effective to repair them (unless it's already 8+ years old). However, there is still a rule of thumb that many tend to follow when deciding whether to pay for a repair or buy a new unit. That level is around 30% of retail price for the same model new. If you paid $1,500 for a fridge four years ago, that would mean any repairs beyond ~$450 would be completely unjustifiable.

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